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  • Privatizing Winter Maintenance

    (Clear Roads, 2011) It is anticipated that NYSDOT may soon be asked to consider privatizing winter maintenance... Read more

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  • Headwaters™ Corrosion Inhibitors

    (Clear Roads, undated) Have any of you tested Headwaters™ corrosion inhibitor or have any information for... Read more

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  • Stockpiles in Right-of-Way

    (Clear Roads, 2012) One of our districts is trying to get approval from FHWA to locate 2 stockpiles (i.e. sheds, staging areas, crew assembly headquarters, etc.) within Interstate... Read more

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  • Cold Weather Brine Storage

    (Clear Roads, undated) Several Utah maintenance stations have reported salt brine storage tanks with slush or floating ice due to extreme cold. Besides indoor or heated tanks, do you... Read more

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  • Wing Plow Practices

    (SICOP Snow and Ice List-Serve, 2011) A few years ago, our management banned the use of wing... Read more

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