Aurora Project 2002-01 – Intelligent Image-Based Winter Road Condition Sensor, Phase 2

Project Overview

This project was undertaken to further previous research conducted under the Phase 1 project. Phase 1 showed that combining image and other RWIS data resulted in reliably determining road conditions. Since the first phase did not cover trials with illuminated roads at night, this second phase focused on classification of nighttime pictures. Results of this second phase have provided valuable insight into how to design a final version of the sensor system. The initial phase concluded that it was important to move the image-processing prototype to Dalarna University's RWIS test site. In both of the first two phases, analysis of the images was conducted at Dalarna University, rather than in the field. The third phase involved continuing research and movement of the test site to a new location to acquire more research data.

Project Results

The final report for this project can be found at:

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