Aurora Project 2008-01 – National Testing Program

Project Overview

Objective: Provide the winter maintenance community with an easy-to-use list of testing facilities that may be of assistance for winter maintenance-related research projects. Potential facilities: Montana State University's Western Transportation Institute.,University of North Dakota's Surface Transportation Weather Research Center:, Connected Vehicle/Infrastructure University Transportation Center:,  Iowa State University's Institute for Transportation: of Waterloo's Transportation Systems Research Group:$Home This project was first mentioned at the National Winter Maintenance Peer Exchange in 2007. Attendees noted that it was hard to find information on completed or ongoing road maintenance research or find appropriate facilities to do testing.  After hearing support for a national facility from Clear Roads members, Aurora helped arrange a conference call between members from Clear Roads, AASHTO, SICOP, PNS, and Aurora to discuss possible cooperation and coordination on our “national facility” projects. This group decided cooperation was beneficial and began working on a draft document describing a national test facility. Soon after, the idea of a single facility morphed into the idea of an information source which can help requestors of research find appropriate facilities and information.   A separate Aurora/Clear Roads “Winter Wiki” project has met the need for finding road maintenance research so now this project must support easy finding of appropriate facilities.

Project Results

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