Headwaters™ Corrosion Inhibitors

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Have any of you tested Headwaters™ corrosion inhibitor or have any information for me?

- Annette Dunn, Iowa Department of Transportation (annette.dunn@dot.iowa.gov)

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The Headwaters™ product is in the process of being reviewed by Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS). Independent laboratory work is still pending. The Watershed CI product is approved as listed on the QPL.

- Ron Wright, Idaho Transportation Department (ron.wright@itd.idaho.gov)

We used the product last season and tested every load delivered. During the pre-qualification stage of the bid, the Headwaters™ product required 7.5% by volume to achieve passing corrosion scores. With that said, the product is listed on the PNS QPL at a 5% add rate, and we struggled a bit last year correlating our test results with third party labs. The jury is still out on why the duplication of test results proved difficult. As far as the heavy metals and pH, smooth sailing on those. The product that we were getting was actually food grade to start with, so there wasn't much concern from that standpoint. We did experience some fallout after the seven day storage test (this has never happened before). The precipitate was a white crystal material that has plugged a few of our transfer pumps and ball valves. Keep in mind that we were blending at 7.5%, not 5%, so that may have had something to do with it. We paid around $4.25 per gallon, so that works out to >$0.30 per gallon inhibitor cost, which is more than we have paid in the past. If you want the actual test results, I'm sure we can track them down.

- Justun Juelfs, Montana Department of Transportation (jjuelfs@mt.gov)