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Original Message: (Clear Roads, 2012)

One of our districts is trying to get approval from FHWA to locate 2 stockpiles (i.e. sheds, staging areas, crew assembly headquarters, etc.) within Interstate limited access right-of-way. One stockpile would be located in an on ramp gore area and the other in a wide median area. FHWA Pennsylvania Division Office is advising that they have never given approval to any DOT to provide direct access to or from a ramp or mainline of an Interstate highway. I’m looking to verify that there are, in fact, no examples in other states where they allowed deviation from this policy. I would also be interested if FHWA approved any stockpiles within a highway rest area or welcome center along any Interstate.

- Charlie Goodhart, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (

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We have a 6,000-8,000 yard fabric shed in the middle of a clover leaf interchange at the junction of Interstate 93 and Interstate 495 near Andover, Massachusetts. It is not permanent and is in the process of being relocated to a better location.

- Paul Brown, Massachusetts Department of Transportation (

Not a stockpile, but we do have a maintenance shed (loader storage and signs) and a salt storage shed at a truck scale on Interstate 43 near Newton, Wisconsin.

- Mike Sproul, Wisconsin Department of Transportation (